How it Works

Getting started with DoTadda™ is easy and fast. You and your team can uncover new insights and save time and money without any need to adjust your existing workflows.

Connect your research domains

DoTadda™ de-silos your team's most crucial information — whether it’s stored in a Research Management System like FactSet IRN, OneNote, SharePoint, email, or your file server.

Even new team members can easily find data and files your firm has been collecting for years.

An RMS diagram

Add Dots your timeline

Dots = time-stamped, searchable research activities.

Anything you save in FactSet, OneNote, or SharePoint will automatically be added as a "Dot" to your personalized timeline.

Want to make sure an important email thread is saved? Forward it to DoTadda™.

A timeline with dots

Collaborate with your team

View co-workers' timelines next to your own for comparative purposes or add co-workers’ Dots to a shared timeline pertaining to a specific industry or company.

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Search across your domains

Need to find a specific document and don’t remember where you saved it? DoTadda™ scans across every domain and even within files to find the data you need in seconds.

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