It's time for a new way.

At DoTadda, we want to help your investment research team do its best work… without getting blocked by internal tools.

Having worked in asset management for decades, we realize data, reports, models, and insights are hidden in “boring” places: Outlook, OneNote, Bloomberg or FactSet RMS, and your file server.

RMS software is trapped in the early 2000's.

Using these programs means dealing with countless menus and icons, tiny text editors, formatting issues, and a lousy search experience.

The result? Say goodbye to a single source of truth.

And say hello to analysts and PMs spending a non-trivial amount of time manually looking for these items across these different domains.

For a team of 20 analysts and 20 PMs:

201 days
per year spent searching for files
In wasted salary compensation

That’s why we built DoTadda.

We provide an all-in-one tool to quickly and easily store, present, search and share investment research. From internal documents, presentations, emails, to research reports, web links and even Tweets: DoTadda has you covered.

DoTadda automates the tedious process of capturing data from these sources. And the user workflow isn’t a clunky, antiquated mess. We connect the dots of hidden and underutilized internal research and allow every member of your team to find it for improved insight.

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Upgrade your RMS.

By creating an overlay layer to the tools you already use, we’ve accomplished three main upgrades to what you are likely using today.

Did an analyst just update the AAPL model for the quarter or was there a new expert call added to the calendar?

DoTadda shows the team what is happening in real time. And we do all this without your team needing to change their process (keep saving things where you want — DoTadda connects them all together).

Modern UI/UX
without changing the underlying data powered by FactSet or Bloomberg
Linked Research Domains
and cross-platform search that actually works
Team Collaboration
by creating a public timeline of every asset that’s added to any research domain

DoTadda is a fully functional RMS.

And if you don’t currently use a research management system, DoTadda works right out of the box.

Deploy in one day and your team will be up and running with the latest technology. Only 15-minutes of training required. It’s time that investment teams got a modern app of their own to make investment research a team sport.

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Our Team

Andrew Meister's headshot
Andrew Meister
Founder & CEO

Research Analyst
@ Thrivent

Michael Hochstat's headshot
Michael Hochstat
Chief Marketing Officer

Former Wall Street Executive
Multiple roles

Kevin Sterling's headshot
Kevin Sterling

Sr. Market Strategist
@ RXO Logistics

Jarrod Coulter's headshot
Jarrod Coulter

Ex. Vulnerability Research
@ Blizzard

Sina Golshany's headshot
Sina Golshany

Ex. Engineer
@ Boeing

John Larkin's headshot
John Larkin

Former Managing Director of Investment Banking and Research
@ Stifel Nicolaus

Ted Merz's headshot
Ted Merz

Former Global Head of News Product
@ Bloomberg

Steven Sanderson's headshot
Steven Sanderson

Manager of Applications
@ Stony Brook Medicine

Say goodbye to your RMS-induced headaches.

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