Supercharge FactSet IRN without changing your workflow.

DoTadda’s overlay software for Investment Research Analysts upgrades FactSet IRN by adding a modern user interface, search that works, and integrations with all your research domains.

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Public Timeline

Make investment research a team sport.

See when each team member contributes research assets on a real-time, auto-updating Timeline and comment on specific items.

Smart Search

Never waste another minute digging through folders.

Find stock-specific or topic-specific research documents and notes in seconds with Smart Search.

A search function within the DoTadda application.
Logos of Sharepoint, OneNote, SharePoint, and Gmail

Create a system of record that's actually comprehensive.

Streamline data management and collaboration across teams by centralizing where all your research is shared — without needing to change your workflow.

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Bring FactSet IRN into the 21st Century.

Cloud Storage

Give IT the freedom to purge old emails without fear of deleting important files — DoTadda automatically stores threads in the cloud.

Preserve Document Formatting

Upload presentations without FactSet destroying their layout, fonts, and embedded images.

Rich Text Editor

Take notes with formatting capabilities you’d expect from modern text editors.

Easy Upload

Upload files without having to fill out countless form fields.

Activity Report

Get a high-level of overview of research entries by team member to see who contributed and who needs support.


Access data and upload files even while on the go.

Modernize your Research Management System.