Portfolio Managers and Research Analysts: Never Waste Another Minute Searching for an Email, File, or Note.

What is DoTadda™ ?

DoTadda™ is a powerful, very user friendly, content database designed for investment professionals. It enables research teams to effortlessly save and later find and retrieve any data aspect of your investment research. Notes, files, emails, Tweets, webpages, YouTube videos --- DoTadda™ can easily organize whatever data you might need to keep.

Who is DoTadda™ for?

DoTadda™ is for investment professionals --- either working alone or in a team, big or small.

Why do I Need DoTadda™?

DoTadda™ helps you be more efficient and save time, which enables better research quality and investment decisions. DoTadda™ helps you find important information quickly. Have you ever emailed yourself a URL or a .pdf because you wanted to read it later --- then couldn’t find it? DoTadda™ enables you to find that important data again --- quickly.

Where does DoTadda™ reside?

DoTadda™ is a cloud-based SaaS app that can be deployed on your private cloud.

How soon can I start using DoTadda™ ?

Individuals can create a free DoTadda™ account now.
Institutions should contact the DoTadda™ team for a demo.

Why does DoTadda™ exist?

We believe a database for investment professionals should do three things well:

  • Make it easy to save content in the database
  • Make it easy to find the content later
  • Make it easy to retrieve the content

DoTadda™ does all three very effectively!

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Save time

Never waste another minute searching through your inbox, the file server, or OneNote to find information you need. The DoTadda™ search engine finds what you need instantly.

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Make research a team sport

In our activity feed you will see what everyone on the team is working on in real-time.

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One-click save

Imagine saving important webpages, YouTube videos, Tweets and LinkedIn posts to your private database. Our Chrome/Edge extension does that with one click.

You can finally stop emailing yourself when you see something on the web you want to save.

A search function within the DoTadda application.

DoTadda™ works well with your current tools --- there is no need to change your existing workflow.

DoTadda™ is compatible with most popular note taking and research management (RMS) tools, so you won’t have to rip, replace, and start over.

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Don’t wait. Modernize your Research Management System and get your research into the next generation content database, now.

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